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As a Jewish religious institution Simchat Yisrael exists to facilitate a lifestyle which aids individuals and families in worshipping the G-d of Israel and His Messiah Yeshua as Jews.  To accomplish this Simchat Yisrael holds to the following core vision and values.

A. Messianic Judaism is called by G-d to be a prophetic voice to Israel from within Israel.

B. Yeshua of Nazareth is the promised Messiah of Israel, the Fullness of Torah, the Word made flesh.

C. Simchat Yisrael is a Jewish house of worship, not a Jewish style church.

D. We desire to spread the “Good News” to all people.  Our ministry is primarily to the Jewish people.  We do however recognize that there are some people from the nations who are called to be among us.

E. Recognizing that outreach must begin in the home we are committed to aiding parents in raising their children to be believers in G-d and His Messiah.

F. We aid all congregants in achieving spiritual maturity through worship, prayer, Bible study, observance of G-d’s commandments, and service to the congregation and the wider community.

G. We teach the history, language, culture, and traditions of our Jewish people to the congregants of Simchat Yisrael, to aid them and their families in leading Jewish lives centered in the worship of the G-d of Israel and His Messiah.

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